What is TERRGO?

  • a new dataset on territorial self-governance in democracies, semi-democracies, and autocracies
  • including more than 2,200 second-level regions in 96 countries
  • containing over 39,000 region-year assessments
  • enhancing our grasp on the empirical complexity of state structures

Download TERRGO

Journal Article (Manuscript version)

Datasets (TERRGO_C and TERRGO_U)

Codebook (TERRGO_C and TERRGO_U)

Maps (GIS and example maps of world regions)

Application (Replication Files)


…takes a fresh look at territorial self-governance in more than 2,900 second-level regions in 96 Western and non-Western democracies, semi-democracies and autocracies

  • …provides information on each generic category of self-governance units (TERRGO_C)
  • …makes available data for each individual unit (TERRGO_U)

…builds on a parsimonious conceptualization of territorial self-governance

  • …reduces the terminological confusion in the field
  • …is easily applicable and falsifiable
  • …carves out ‚differences in kind‘

…allows to untangle country-specific profiles

While some countries represent a TERRGO type in its pure form..

…others show more complex configurations

…or have changed their face over time

The authors are grateful for any comments and suggestions regarding the data, e.g. errors, ambiguities or other possibilities for improvement the dataset (last update: 25.09.2020).

More on how to use TERRGO